AAWP Review: Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin

AAWP plugin Review

Written by Next Stair

November 11, 2020

Are you an affiliate marketer who needs an excellent tool to enhance your earnings and scales your business? Or you’re new to affiliate marketing and are willing to learn all the basics using some tools? If the answer is positive, then Aawp is the right choice for you.

Today, doing affiliate marketing is not easy, and many people come across obstacles along the way that prevent them from being successful.

You have to set up links, write engaging, high-quality content, research exciting topics, optimize the site, etc. If either of those things hampers the progress, many people tend to give up on their journey of being a successful affiliate marketer.

We will present you with an excellent tool, which will make all your problems regarding affiliate marketing go away. Currently, the most significant associates program is the Amazon Associates program. You have to have an associate’s account to do affiliate marketing.

AAWP will fire up your affiliate business and will make a change to your life drastically. The plugin has all the necessary tools that help you with a variety of needs.

Doing affiliate marketing will be easier than ever with Aawp. Many people state that Aawp is the best plugin for Amazon affiliates.

This Aawp plugin review will provide you all the information you need to choose whether this particular tool is a perfect match for you and your business. Firstly, we are going to break to you what WordPress plugins are exactly and what they do.

What are WordPress plugins?

WordPress plugins are parts of the software that can be implemented into your WordPress site. It is an essential part of your website, and all affiliate marketers use it.

They are there to make your site better in any way you want it to be. There is a plugin for everything you can imagine on WordPress.

There are tons of plugins from which you can choose to implement to your site. Some are free, and for some, you need to pay to use them.

Why should you use paid plugins?

Every plugin has its features, but the main reason people get paid plugins is customer support. While WordPress has thousands of free plugins, paid ones provide full-time customer service anytime you need it.

They usually get track of updates that occur with WordPress and adapt their plugin to it.

This usually is an essential feature because when you install multiple plugins and run them at once, some may interact with others the way you don’t want them to.

In that case, full customer support is there to solve your problems and to make them adjust it by your site.

Now that you understand what plugins are and what they do let’s get on with the Aawp review.

Features of Aawp

Aawp is rich in features that are customizable to your needs. There are a couple of critical features, and we will go through the most interesting ones:

Text links

Text links are essential features for every affiliate marketing plugin. What makes Aawp text links so special?

The best thing about Aawp text links is that they are fully customizable. Let’s say you don’t want your product’s name mentioned in your links; you can change it. You can experiment and use different styles.

The other cool feature this plugin has is the fact that you can insert your affiliate links wherever you want in the text, and at the same time, not interfering with your search engine rankings.

Adding an Amazon prime logo next to the link will make the user experience better. Those are the main reasons why people rather choose the Aawp plugin instead of others.

Bestseller Lists

The most beautiful thing you can do to your affiliate blog post is to include bestsellers and new releases lists. It is pretty on the eye and easy to use.

You can include more than one product detail in the list, making it easier to understand the differences between products that are alike. This feature enables us to conjure up all the best seller products of a specific niche in one place.

Like the bestseller lists, you can also add new releases lists. When Amazon releases new products, you can add as many Amazon products as you like to the list.

The interesting thing is how convenient Aawp lets you do all those things. Amazon bestseller is available for everyone to use.

Your whole job is to enter the product keywords, and Aawp will do the rest for you. It will automatically find all the items and put them on the list. It can’t be easier than that.

Product Boxes

The thing that accelerates the growth of the site and its viewers are product boxes. A few boxes popping up will make your site attractive to visitors.

The banners that are included are specifically designed to boost your conversion rate. Like most of the features, Aawp lets you customize your product boxes.

You are not strictly bound to a single template, as you have the opportunity to let your imagination run free and build up unique product boxes suited just for your site.

They are linked, so when a customer clicks on any of them, they will be directed to the product page. You can also add a product description to your product boxes.


Your WordPress site would be empty without some widgets to complete the event. Aawp uses its widgets and puts them in your sidebar to be easily accessible. You can also pick a theme that allows you to put them in the header if you prefer so.

These widgets are easily customizable, and you can manage them to go side by side with your blog. These widgets are always in categories, so you don’t have to worry about if they are not relevant to the content. They will always follow what you do and make your whole WordPress affiliate site experience easier.

Comparison tables

The feature that is the most interesting and by which Aawp is recognizable is comparison tables. As the name says, comparison tables have as many products as you want in a table and all of their specifications.

When the customers review that, they can see all of the specifications in one place and compare them to choose the right one.

The advantage of the Aawp plugin is that it provides this kind of table right from your WordPress website. You don’t have to know coding, custom CSS, or programming; just by a few clicks, you can create your comparison table. It really improves the user experience and encourages customers to click on your links.

Aawp provides customization even after you published your comparison table on your affiliate site. You can overwrite all the table components you wish. Product comparison is a great way to encourage your customers to buy your products.

Aawp plugin even takes steps ahead of its competition and offers a wide range of descriptions to add to your tables. You can add buttons, prices, reviews, and dynamic links. Dynamic links are there to display the real-life data, which is taken from the Amazon API key. All those descriptions are easily changeable, and you can blend them with your blog style anytime.


This particular feature provides your website with better customer service. When your affiliate link sends your customers to an Amazon product page, it can occur that Amazon is not from their country.

The customer may give up on purchasing your product on that occasion. That is where the Geo-targeting feature works its magic. It redirects them to their respective Amazon pages.

The good thing is that when you want to target some specific countries, this Aawp feature comes in handy. Third-party services are responsible for redirecting your visitors to their nearest Amazon shop, with which this plugin works. By using Geotargeting, you will attract foreign visitors, thus making more money in the process.

Pros of AAWP

Aawp is considered one of the best affiliate plugins on the market. Many plugins can’t get near it, just because of the many benefits it brings to the table.

These advantages could drastically change your mind if you’re still in doubt if this is the right plugin for your affiliate market business.

Of course, no plugin is perfect, and there are some cons that you have to be aware of.

First, we will go through the benefits:

Constant performing

When you are using Aawp, you can forget about glitches and bugs. Relatively this plugin is free of those things, as it is continuously providing high-quality performance.

There were no moments at all where the Aawp community had to intervene or something went wrong, so customer service needed to fix it. If you are skeptical about it, you have no problem with this plugin at all.

Easy to use

If you are a beginner, plugin Aawp has got you covered as well. It is effortless to use, and it is comfortable for beginners, just as it is for intermediate and experts in affiliate marketing.

You even don’t need to know to code, as it is designed to make it convenient for users who are new to the business world. That way, Aawp supports young entrepreneurs who want to engage in affiliate marketing.

This is a plugin that makes sure that you don’t spend time on technical things to focus on other critical issues in your affiliate marketing journey. All Affiliate links will be inserted automatically for you, as well as product descriptions. Your job is to memorize a few short and easy abbreviations and get the job done in no time.


Simply all the features of the affiliate plugin Aawp are entirely made just for the sake of your conversions. The whole idea is to drive traffic to your site, thus creating more money.

When you use this plugin, your site will be more readable for customers, making it easier to navigate. That way more and more people will click on your links.

Automatic data

For most, the best feature that the Aawp WordPress plugin provides is automatic data retrieval. It retrieves data from Amazon and decides whether or not it has to be updated.

You don’t have to manually check once in a while all your links if they are outdated. The plugin does it for you. You can even choose how often do you want to check your affiliate links. Aawp is an Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin like no other.

Cons of AAWP

The user interface needs upgrades

This con is for the beginners out there who are jumping into the affiliate marketing waters for the first time. It may be confusing at first because the interface needs improvement to follow the WordPress navigation fully.

It could take you some time to figure everything out. Eventually, when you are confident, you will be able to get the most out of Aawp.

No search bar on the plugin

Another thing that users don’t like is that you can’t search for the specific product you want directly in Aawp. As we said earlier, the plugin can create the best list, but unfortunately, if you want to make another list by your wishes, you have to find those products for yourself on Amazon. It isn’t some major issue, but it would be a great feature to add.

AAWP Pricing

When we review Aawp pricing, the plugin provides three plans to choose the best that suits you. The way you choose the plan is determined by how many affiliate sites you have. Plans include:

  • Personal Plan $58 – suitable for people that own only one site. If you are a beginner, this would be an excellent choice for you. All core features included no multisite usage and a year of updates and support.
  • Plus Plan $153 – for people that own up to 3 sites. Enabled multisite usage and a year of updates and support.
  • Pro Plan $295 – for people that own up to 10 sites. Enabled multisite usage and a year of updates and support.
  • Ultimate plan $473 – for people that own up to 25 sites and more. Enabled multisite usage and also a year of updates and support.

These plans last one year and include all of what we went over in the review today. Once you purchase a plan, you can renew them every year for a discount of 50%. You can always update your plan each year as well.

Aawp has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can check for yourself and choose whether you want your subscription to last or not. That is a great way for people to try out this special amazon affiliate plugin for 30 days.

Setting up the Aawp plugin

When it comes to setting your Aawp plugin, there are some things you have to know. To use the plugin, you must have something that is called API (official Amazon Application Programming Interface).

Aawp plugin can’t connect to an Amazon server or even retrieve any data if you don’t have an API. You have two conditions which you must validate to get the Amazon API:

  • Make at least three sales
  • Get your Amazon affiliate account verified

It takes 48 hours for API to start working when you meet these two conditions. You get a license key and set your plugin up and running.

The second thing you must realize is that you must make more sales to hold on to your Product Advertising API. Aawp has decided to help its consumers and advise them to test their API keys before deciding on their plans.

Ultimately, you are guaranteed a refund of up to 30 days, so you have the time to set it all without spending money.

How to use Aawp?

When you know all the features, you must understand how exactly do you use the plugin. In this section, you will conjure up all the things you learned above to use this amazon affiliate WordPress plugin. The first thing you should know is what can you add to your affiliate site:

  • New products
  • Comparison tables
  • comparison tables and your data
  • Top seller
  • Product boxes

The second thing you should know is how to add these features. We are going to provide you an explanation for each feature on the list above.

How to add a comparison table?

To add a new comparison table, you must head over to Amazon affiliates > Tables and then click on create a new table. There you will see many customization fields that you choose and enter manually. You can decide how many rows your table has, whether to hide labels and the fields’ names. When you start using Aawp, you will get the hang of it.

How to add new products?

After you customize your table, you can choose products that will be implanted into that same table. You can do that by entering the ASIN number and searching the products from the same page. Once you add multiple products, you can even save the table to your widgets, so you can easily access it when you want it again.

How to add an Amazon product box?

A product box is the most popular feature of Aawp. Product boxes make your site user friendly. You can add them to your website by inserting specific shortcodes. These shortcodes are numbers that could be found easily on the product page.

Wrapping up

After this detailed Aawp review, we can say that this is one of the best WordPress site plugins for affiliate marketers. Suitable for all levels of knowledge, this amazon affiliate plugin comes with plenty of customization options.

Many companies use Aawp for their amazon affiliate sites, and they even state that it’s the first thing they install if they want to open a new WordPress site.

Undoubtedly the best thing about this plugin is the automated updates. That simple feature puts Aawp ahead of their competitors and number 1 on the market.

The relationship between price and quality is outstanding. You get exactly what you pay for without any mistakes. You will make money in your affiliate program in no time.

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