Cloudways Hosting Review: Best Managed Cloud Hosting

Cloudways Hosting Review

Written by Next Stair

November 9, 2020

Cloud hosting is gaining popularity day by day for its specific features. Nowadays, so many web hosting companies offer cloud hosting services to their customers. But if we have to choose one of the best among all, Cloudways will stand out in this field.

We know it is important for you to know in detail about Cloudways before choosing them as your web hosting platform. Good customer support, WordPress hosting with different features, ease of use – all these matter for a user to host his website.

There are so many Cloudways reviews available on many platforms to baffle you in the end. So we are here for you to clear your doubts about Cloudways. In this review article, we will talk from top to bottom about Cloudways for your convenience.


Cloudways is a cloud based company that provides web hosting service to millions of users worldwide. However, there is something different about them.

They combine with five different cloud hosting providers to establish your website. Their features and other facilities are also unique to attract you towards receiving their service.

They set up your website within a few clicks through different Content Management tools. WordPress hosting is their main priority. But they also support other platforms, for example, Joomla, PHP, Moodle, Drupal etc.

Key Features

As a hosting company, Cloudways serves plenty of features for the customers. From site building to site management, they perform their duties with immense dedication. Here, we will review some of their key features:

Custom Control Panel

When you open an account on Cloudways, you can access a control panel to manage your servers. Most of the web host cpanels are very much complicated. But Cloudways has a very intuitive and user-friendly control panel for the comfort of the customers.

Application Integration

Cloudways allows you to integrate with some popular applications: WordPress, Laravel, Drupal, Magento, Laravel, Custom PHP, Joomla, and many more. If you are a Cloudways customer, you are bound to accept they are the best platform for providing varieties of application integration facilities.

Managed WordPress hosting

Cloudways offers this facility to provide the best possible experience for the users. Running a WordPress site has never been so easy unless you use Cloudways managed hosting. If you look at Cloudways reviews of customers who managed WordPress hosting, you can estimate their service’s quality. 

At first, you have to select the WordPress version and a cloud provider. Then, you have three different options to install WordPress:

  1. Standard WordPress hosting
  2. WordPress Multisite
  3. WordPress with WooCommerce hosting

You have no limitations in case of choosing the number of WordPress websites you want to migrate to. Actually, the WordPress Migration Plugin gives you that freedom. 

Each has a pre-installed W3 Total cache plugin for boosting the speed and performance of the site.

PHP Hosting

PHP hosting of Cloudways guarantees to have a fast and smooth website operational experience. Thanks to their excellent ThunderStack feature that optimizes your web performance to a greater extent. 

This technology is a combination of Varnish, Apache, Memcached, and Nginx. So every time you use the platform, you get zero downtime and a comprehensive hosting experience.

Along with various deploying one click apps, you can also choose other compatible apps such as CakePHP, Slim, Symfony, Typo3 etc. 

All the major PHP versions are available here to use on your server. Also, Cloudways supports MySQL 5.5 to MySQL 5.7 to implement on all web applications. 

Laravel Hosting

This one is even faster than the PHP hosting. So the question arises what makes it so quick? Well, their optimized stake works continuously to boost your site up with faster processing. Also, the CDN facility boosts the response time of your site at a noticeable rate. 

Regarding the security service, you can also trust fully on Laravel hosting. It includes various security facilities such as IP Whitelisting, Dedicated firewalls, Auto healing servers, Free SSL certification etc. 

Drupal Hosting

For an exceptional digital experience, SSD bases Drupal hosting is identical indeed. A web hosting with 100% uptime can only be possible by taking the Drupal hosting service. 

You get pre-installed Drush on your server from the Cloudways to make sure you don’t take the hassle. In a few clicks, you can easily scale the hosting setup. The security services offered in Drupal hosting are similar to Laravel hosting.  

Joomla Hosting

Joomla is undoubtedly the best managed cloud hosting service for giving an enhanced online experience. 

With one click installation system, you can complete all complicated website setup actions within several clicks. Also, you can check more than 15 servers and application metrics to observe the cloud server. While using the ThunderStack feature, Joomla hosting offers 50% faster service than other cloud hosting platforms.  

PrestaShop Hosting

If you aim to earn success by operating an online store through Cloudways hosting, do not think about anything else except PrestaShop hosting. That’s because Cloudways commits to take great care of your hosted website by integrating with PrestaShop. 

No matter how much traffic your website faces, PrestaShop runs at a lag-free speed continuously. It allows performing domain name mapping through CNAME. Also, you can easily install SSL certificates within a few clicks on this hosting.

E-Commerce Integration

Cloudways offers you to integrate with several popular e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento etc.


WooCommerce is arguably the most popular open source e-commerce platform for business people all around the world. Because of its rapid growth in recent years, Cloudways allows you to integrate with the platform to set up your business site. The installation is effortless with just one click option. You also get a free migration service automatically at the beginning.

Key Features

  • Free SSL certificates
  • SSD Hosting
  • Build-in caches
  • Flexible pricing
  • Multisite creation facility
  • Automatic backup option
  • 24/7 customer support


Magento is another famous open source e-commerce platform to operate your online store through SSD based hosting. Similar to WooCommerce, you get one click installation option in Magento. 

Cloudways uses the ThunderStack formula to get an optimized performance via Magento. The formula has advanced caching technologies like Memcached and Varnish. To bolster your site speed, Cloudways has a built-in cache plugin, and in-house CloudwaysCDN.

When you integrate Magento with your online store, you receive a quality security service from Cloudways. In terms of customer service, they are indomitable indeed.

Key Features

  • 1-click SSL installation
  • Automated backup option
  • Two-factor authentication system
  • Simple and robust CloudwaysCDN
  • 24/7 Expert Support
  • Git integration
  • Dedicated firewalls

Server Management

When you finish setting up the application, you can start managing the server. There are several crucial steps in this part.

Master Credentials

You can find the SFTP and SSH access details for all applications under server management.


The “Monitoring” section helps you observe the condition of your server. Here, you can see the RAM, CPU, disk usage of your website.

Manage Services

The list of services that you are enjoying is present on Manage Services. You hold the right to start, stop any service as per your wish.

Settings & Packages

Under this section, you can control the PHP version, MySQL versions, Elasticsearch, etc.


For your website’s security, you can block IP addresses from anonymous people who want access to your server.

Vertical Scaling

This option helps increase the server size whenever needed. However, you can never lower your plan in Cloudways. That’s why we recommend you to take a small plan so that you can upgrade it later for vertical scaling.


You can manage your backup preferences in this section. Backup frequency, backup retention is changeable as per your requirements.


Lastly, the SMTP section allows you to set up outbound links. You can choose either an SMTP account or an Elastic Email.

Application Management

Access Details

The first option is Access Details where you find the information about the Application URL, Application Credentials, and others.


Monitoring has two different sections: Analytics and Blogs. Both sections contain essential performance metrics to understand the current status of your website.

Domain Management

Here you can manage your domain by pointing it to the web app. Both Primary and Additional domain options are available if you want site migration.

Cron Job Management

Cron Job is the section where you add Basic to Advanced cron jobs.

SSL Certificate

Cloudways provides a free SSL certificate to use it on the site. Alternatively, you can also install your certificate if you want.

Backup and Restore

You can keep the backup of your files and database and restore them with a single click in this tab.

Deployment via Git

Another great feature of Cloudways application management is Deployment via Git. Firstly, you need to generate and download an SSD key by clicking a button. Then, you can deploy the application via Git.

Application Settings

Three different settings options: General, PHP PHFPM, Varnish are in this section to configure the application settings.

Migration Tools

Cloudways offers you a free WordPress Migration Plugin to shift your current website to their hosting platform. You get one free migration at the beginning.

Cloudways CDN

Lastly, Cloudways CDN does the job of making your application faster. Primarily, they offer you to choose Cloudways CDN. But you can prefer Cloudflare as well.

Plans & Pricing

Cloudways offers different plans with different types of facilities. They all come with the reputed cloud companies DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, AWS, and Google Cloud. The types and pricing of the plans vary from one to another.


Digital Ocean is the cheapest cloud provider of all. The DO provider’s pricing starts from $10 per month and can reach up to $80/month.

Plan typeRAMProcessorStorageBandwidthPricing
Plan 11GB1 Core25GB1TB$10/month
Plan 22GB1 Core50GB2TB$22/month
Plan 34GB2 Core80GB4TB$42/month
Plan 48GB4 Core160GB5TB$80/month


As compared to DigitalOcean’s 59 data centers, Linode has 11 data centers worldwide. Nonetheless, they are a great cloud platform to host your website. Their initial plan starts from $12 per month, reaching $90/month.

Plan typeRAMProcessorStorageBandwidthPricing
Plan 11GB1 Core25GB1TB$12/month
Plan 22GB1 Core50GB2TB$24/month
Plan 34GB2 Core80GB4TB$50/month
Plan 48GB4 Core160GB5TB$90/month


The next cloud hosting platform is Vultr that currently has 17 data centers. Starting from $11 per month, Vultr’s final plan reaches $84/month.

Plan typeRAMProcessorStorageBandwidthPricing
Plan 11GB1 Core25GB1TB$11/month
Plan 22GB1 Core55GB2TB$23/month
Plan 34GB2 Core80GB3TB$44/month
Plan 48GB4 Core160GB4TB$84/month


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is costlier than other cloud provider platforms right now. Where previous ones’ plans don’t go beyond $100/month, AWS’s final plan reaches more than $250 per month. Their main target customers are developers, e-commerce site owners, and advanced level users. 

Plan typeRAMvCPUStorageBandwidthPricing
Plan 11.75GB1 vCPU20GB2TB$36.51/month
Plan 22GB2 vCPU20GB2TB$176.26/month
Plan 33.75GB1 vCPU20GB2TB$86.77/month
Plan 416GB4 vCPU20GB2TB$274.33/month

Google Cloud

Like AWS, Google Cloud is the best option for developers, e-commerce site owners, and other advanced users. That’s why it has costly plans, similar to AWS.

Plan typeRAMvCPUStorageBandwidthPricing
Plan 11.70GB1 vCPU20GB2TB$33.30/month
Plan 27.5GB2 vCPU20GB2TB$138.64/month
Plan 33.75GB1 vCPU20GB2TB$73.62/month
Plan 415GB4 vCPU20GB2TB$226.05/month


Any Cloudways customer would fancy having plenty of advantages after choosing Cloudways hosting platform. Here, we are discussing some of them:

Free Migration

Site migration can sometimes be hassling. Here, Cloudways comes with the free site migration feature. It is one of the most vital advantages that Cloudways gives to customers. At first, you can do it for free once. The migration period may vary depending on the size of the website.

Pay-as-you-go System

Cloudways features the pay-as-you-go model that is pretty much flexible. So you don’t have to tie with any package for a lifetime. That gives you the freedom to leave any plan at any time as per your wish.

Easy to Use

Cloudways has a very simple and intuitive control panel. Both server management and application management are easy to perform via Cloudways hosting.

Excellent Uptime

An impressive high speed server is crucial to attract your clients to come back to your site again. Because of collaborating your server with any reputed cloud provider, you get a top speed on your hosted website. No matter if you run a blog site or an e-commerce site, Cloudways assures you of a super fast website.

3-day Free Trial

Cloudways serves you with an impressive 3-day trial option. With this feature, you get the scope to familiarize yourself with Cloudways hosting. Don’t worry, they neither charge nor keep any obligation for it.

Great Customer Support

Cloudways never compromises with providing excellent customer support to the users. To serve them incessantly, they follow three different ways:

  • 24/7/365 Live Chat: As they promise, you can get the opportunity to solve an issue by chatting with any Cloudways representative at any time. They are always available online to connect you through live chat.
  • Phone Access: Alongside the live chatting facility, you can also speak to a Cloudways Senior Support Engineer. In this case, you have to use the Premium Support add-on to continue a conversation with an expert.
  • Online Ticketing: To provide upgraded customer service, Cloudways also facilitates an online ticketing system to resolve even more complex issues. You can either submit a ticket by yourself or create it on your behalf. Then, our prompt Support team will contact you at once.

SSD Based Hosting

Cloudways allows cloud providers to use SSD instead of HDD. That’s why you get a dynamic speed while operating your website.

Reliable Security System

Regarding security, Cloudways always remains cautious about providing top-class safety to users. Whenever you find a Cloudways review on their site, you will find the reviewer admiring in abundance of their security service.

Cloudways consistently upgrades the firmware and operating system to safeguard your installation from any malware attack. Also, they provide free Secure Socket Layer or SSL certificates for the safety of your valuable data. With only one click, you can install the certificate that can fulfill all your HTTPS requirements. Besides, they enable two-factor authentication as an additional security layer to protect your site.

In addition to all these, Cloudways supports Rackspace email which has DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) and Sender Policy Framework (SPF) for the safety of your website.

Multiple Cloud Provider Choice

Cloudways does the job of setting up and maintaining your server perfectly to lessen your hassle. As the name suggests, Cloudways provides service through the following reputed cloud providers:

  1. Digital Ocean
  2. Linode
  3. Vultr
  4. Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  5. Google Cloud

Availability of Data Centers

Cloudways plays the role of an intermediate platform between the cloud hosting providers and customers. So that means Cloudways doesn’t have any data centers by themselves as each provider possesses that. But that’s where Cloudways makes their service unique by setting up more than 60 data centers in different locations. Some of them are in Europe and North America whereas others are in Asia and Australia.

The beneficial side of having many data centers is you can choose one location by yourself. If they give you an automated data center, that doesn’t always guarantee you to get a location closer to your target audience.

Staging and Cloning Choice

Many prefer to experiment their sites with new features to check how they look in the new state. For this reason, Cloudways offers a staging area where you can test the changes. If you find it useful enough, you can make it permanent on your actual site. Don’t worry about the site structure or harmful effect. Your cloud server will stay fine despite using this feature.

Cloning is almost the same as Staging. You have the option to build multiple clone sites when you move to new servers or show your current site to clients.

Advanced Caching

Cloudways comes with an advanced caching facility to make your site faster than ever before. You can choose any of Varnish, Redis cache, or Memcache to boost your site speed. All the cloud providers associated with Cloudways have dedicated servers. So you can expect a smooth server performance.

Besides, they give you an in-house caching plugin supporting CloudwaysCDN. The plugin’s name is Breeze which is very easy to set up. Most importantly, by the addition of CloudwaysCDN to it, your site speed increases rapidly than before. 

However, you don’t get this awesome feature during a 3 day free trial period, But you can avail of it after enrolling in one of their plans.


Cloudways can be a renowned cloud based company for having plenty of features. Still, they have some flaws that can be bothering for some users.

No Email Hosting

Cloudways doesn’t offer domain name registration to the customers. Initially, you get a temporary URL but they don’t give you any email hosting.

No Custom App Option

Cloudways is an ideal cloud hosting provider if you are happy with managing your site through any Content Management site like WordPress. But if you need to create a custom app, for example, Python, Ruby, and Javascript, Cloudways can disappoint you. It can be a major issue for people who are developers and advanced level users.

No Root Access

Unfortunately, Cloudways doesn’t come with any root access facility. Even if they help you manage servers with lots of functionalities, you can expect to have full control over your site. However, you are unable to do it as there is no root access option.


Is Cloudways a good hosting company?

Cloudways is surely the right choice for you if you prefer cloud based hosting service to operate your business site. They give several reputed cloud hosting providers to choose from. So you have options in hand to select the provider that you prefer. Also, Cloudways offers you the versatility to pick what you favor most among multiple CMS sites.

Also, their pay-as-you-go facility gives you the flexibility to decide further whether you want to continue with their service or not. They believe in gaining the trust of their customers within a short period, so they keep this option open for them.

Who owns Cloudways hosting?

Cloudways is a Malta-based company that was founded in 2009. Uzair Gadit, Aaqib Gadit, and Pere Hospital launched the hosting company way back then. The headquarter of their company is in Malta. Besides, their official activities take place in Spain and Dubai.

Currently, they have more than 60 data centers worldwide. And, so far, they have successfully managed to host more than 250k users.

Is Cloudways good for e-commerce hosting?

Running an online business through a cloud hosting service provider has been much more comfortable than ever. Whoever has managed cloud hosting through Cloudways and launched its e-commerce site, the person had an amazing experience. Thanks to their fast and secure service regularly.

Their e-commerce hosting plans are very much affordable, and you can deploy your website successfully. If you are still doubtful, you can look at the e-commerce hosting reviews on their site. That will help you earn trust on this cloud platform.

Which is better? Cloudways or SiteGround?

Cloudways or SiteGround? Which one would you pick? Such a mysterious question indeed. To be frank, we will say it depends on what you expect from your hosting provider. Here, we are comparing them in some areas:

Website Setup

In many cases, website setup is a complicated task if you don’t have enough technical knowledge about a hosting provider’s control panel. Here, Cloudways can cause some issues for you as they don’t offer a domain name. So you have to purchase it instead.

On the other hand, SiteGround has its customized cpanel which is very easy to operate. Even if you don’t have that much idea about cpanel interface, you can gather some knowledge by watching a tutorial given by SiteGround.

So here, the winner is SiteGround.

Feature Options

When it comes to feature options, SiteGround beats Cloudways in several aspects. The unmetered bandwidth that SiteGround offers is not present in the offer list of Cloudways. Also, you have the option of unlimited email addresses that Cloudways can’t give to you for not having its email servers.


Here is a good news for you. Pricing can be an essential fact for many users. Especially if you run a small business, plans with affordable costs are convenient for you to go ahead with. Let us assure you that Cloudways gives you much more sensible plans than SiteGround. The pay-as-you-go system gives you the freedom to continue your plan according to your wish.

In contrast, Siteground’s StartUp plan seems reasonable to us only. The other plans are a bit costly. So if you look for a hosting plan with a cost-efficient budget, Cloudways is the winner for sure.

Security System

With Cloudways, you get OS-level firewalls to prevent your website from malicious attacks. Also, they offer some security patching to avoid intruders. However, their security system doesn’t come with a free backup option. So you have to pay a certain amount of fee every time whenever your server is backed up.

Here, SiteGround will outperform Cloudways by providing backups without any extra cost. The restoration process is also simpler than Cloudways. You can complete the overall process within a few clicks.

So in terms of security system, SiteGround is the winner.

What are the Cloudways alternatives?

Cloudways is unique due to its various important features and reasonable plans. Despite that, some other hosting provider companies are potential alternatives to Cloudways. Let’s have a look at some of them in detail:


Let’s start with LiquidWeb which is famous for its high quality web performance and perfect server management system. Another notable aspect about them is that their plans come with root access. 

Also, you can operate any type of application by taking the cloud server of LiquidWeb. A rare drawback of LiquidWeb is their expensive plans. If you can compromise with that, LiquidWeb is an ideal option for you instead of Cloudways.


DigitalOcean is another good alternative to Cloudways in many ways. In fact, it collaborates with Cloudways and so they have some familiar characters. However, you will notice worth mentioning differences between them. 

DigitalOcean is relatively cheaper but you have to take some responsibilities by yourself. For example, you have to install the cpanel. Also, you need to create the virtual machine of DigitalOcean by yourself, known as “Droplets.” So we mostly recommend it for advanced level users or developers who are comfortable in dealing with such operations.


If you like to use Linux or Windows, HostWinds can be a good option for you. The most important offer of HostWinds is seven different hosting options. That means you can shift to six other services from cloud service if you are not content with your current hosting service.

The only concern is it doesn’t come with any website building tool. So you have to purchase a hosting package to launch your desired website.


Vultr is a superb choice for you if you are looking forward to a cloud performance with multiple programming languages. The infrastructure is sturdy and the performance is satisfactory enough, especially for developers.

What are the payment systems of Cloudways?

Cloudways is very much liberal in terms of accepting payments through a credit card. It takes all types of credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express. In the case of paying in the future, you can also update your credit card details. 

Even if you want to use PayPal, you can do that as well. The only additional task while paying through PayPal is emailing the Billing team of Cloudways to enable your PayPal account after you upgrade that.

Final Verdict

Cloudways is all-in-all, a great cloud hosting company in our eyes. The company is new but ambitious at the same time. They believe in outstanding customer support to make them happy with their service. You will always find a Cloudways support agent online from their support team through live chat.

The control panel of Cloudways is understandable, the server and application management is pretty accessible. Cloudways server is super fast and with the upgradation of hosting plans, you can have an even better managed cloud hosting experience.

It supports five cloud providers which is also an impressive part of their web hosting service. If you run a WordPress site using Cloudways, you can feel the benefits of it.

We are not claiming Cloudways is the best in all aspects. But if you take a look at the pros and cons of Cloudways, you can understand why we are putting up the advantageous sides of Cloudways to you in the end.

If you are still in doubt to take the Cloudways service, have a glimpse on their website to check the Cloudways reviews of different users. Lastly, you are open to trying their 3-day free trial option to decide using Cloudways to run your website.

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