Divi Builder Review: Best WordPress Theme & Page Builder

Divi Builder Review

Written by Next Stair

November 14, 2020

A page builder is the foundation of an excellent website. When you complete your website customization with a quality builder, the site automatically looks incredible to users.

Divi is such a page builder to prepare your site within minutes. In recent years, this builder turned into an ultimate deal to use on a WordPress website.

So if you are one of those marketers who are having confusion to create a new website with an ideal page builder, we are here to extend our helping hands for you.

So in this article, we are going to give you an overall review of the Divi theme and the Divi page builder:


Divi is a WordPress theme and page builder of Elegant Themes. The company first launched the builder in 2013, and since then, it has numerous updates to stand out from others in this market.

Divi theme has a plugin, mostly known as Divi Builder. So you get a two-in-one package when you use Divi. The plugin allows you to install the Divi builder to the Divi theme.

You can even use the Divi builder plugin with any of the WordPress themes you prefer. So there is where the adaptability of the plugin lies.

However, it is pretty evident that at this moment, you are probably using a WordPress theme of your own choice. But who knows this review might grow interest in you to use Divi builder to have a better experience? We found it very much worthy of reviewing.

So we thought of providing a Divi builder review for your convenience. So what’s late? Let’s dip into the overall review of the Divi builder:

Who can use Divi

While making Divi builder, Elegant Themes had only one thing in mind. That is making Divi appropriate for all. No matter what type of website you want to build, Divi is suitable for you.


If you are a freelancer, you can easily make websites for your clients by using Divi. Many clients like the Divi theme for its variety of functions. Managing several themes at the same time can be difficult sometimes. So it is better to use Divi to build your client’s site.


Divi is suitable for making websites quickly. So if you own an agency that works with WordPress website development, Divi can be an ideal option for you.

Since agencies take a lot of workloads, Divi can be time-consuming for you to design your client website. Also, with a single membership, you can build countless websites for any client.

Website Owners

In case you are a businessman who loves to have your business website to operate smoothly, Divi gives you that option to manage your site comfortably. Thanks to its easy-going user interface and other comprehensive custom elements.

Divi Builder Features

Divi is a multi-functional WordPress theme where you have plenty of options to arrange your website. It works as a WordPress page builder to design your site. Here we are discussing some crucial features of Divi one by one:

User Interface

When you look at the Divi builder interface, you might have great pleasure in operating it. Why are we saying this? It’s simple. Divi is a flagship product of Elegant Themes. So they made it with care to give you a fantastic experience.

When you buy the membership of Elegant Themes, you get the Divi Builder plugin with the Divi theme.

Drag-and-Drop Editor

Previously, the Divi builder used to be a back-end page builder tool. The main drawback of that version was the inability to interpret the design until you enable the front-end view.

But at present, it is a front-end visual editor. Because of that, you have to take no more hassle in the website’s Dashboard area. Instead, you can simply edit live at your website’s front end and realize how the new design can look to the website visitors.

Now it works as a front-end visual editor where you can do the customization of any page elements. For example, you can create custom blog posts, page outlets and operate many more functions.

There is a wireframe mode in the editor to hide module contents and build an imminent structure. In this mode, you can have an overview of how your page outlet is. Also, you can check the modules which are in function.

With the drag-and-drop page builder, you can easily drag things around and make a proper adjustment of your module contents. With the addition of Wireframe mode and front-end visual editor, you have the freedom to move items wherever you want. Also, in some instances, you can undo and redo any previously performed action that you want to rectify now.

To have a full overview of your page outlet on a smartphone, you can enable the mobile viewport. Also, zoom in and out if you want to view your page contents with a better view.

Abundant Layout Options

Using Divi gives a different vibe as Divi comes with high-quality page layouts in plenty. Even if you are a non-designer, relax and enjoy the versatility of Divi’s page layouts to nicely design your web pages. As all of them are pre-made, don’t worry about your custom design. You can still make it.

Each layout pack helps to build a website with some specifications. For example, if you want to design a restaurant website, you have a specific layout. On the other hand, if you intend to build an e-commerce website, you have that option as well.

We found a vast number of page layouts from the Devi page builder. Some of them are: Technology, Marketing agency, servicing company, Health and Beauty, Sports, E-commerce, and many more.

If you don’t want to bother about bringing a new web design for your site, you can simply buy your preferable website pack. Then, import that on WordPress and build your website. And, you have the customization options to add your contents.

Instant Content Module Addition

Divi builder has a wide range of content modules to choose from. In both column and row layouts, you can insert the content modules of your choice.

To customize your Divi theme, drag any module to add to the page layouts. Alternatively, you can click the (+) button from Live Preview to add any content module or element.

Call-to-action buttons, email opt-in forms, testimonials, maps, portfolios, countdown timers, video sliders, and pricing tables are some of the elements. But how about their functionality?

The call-to-action module helps you add text and images. The email form grows the newsletter.

There are lots of variations in the content modules. You have the freedom to change the text, sizing, borders, colors, and other options to customize a module.

So you don’t have to continue with the default configuration always. They all have settings options to customize the content modules as per your need.

Custom CSS Control

Divi builder comes with a design editing tool to adjust the website with any device without even knowing CSS. However, you still have the option to make a responsive design change in an advanced way.

This option might sound better if you don’t want to remain dependent on any external style sheet.

In fact, you can make adjustments to the device display by controlling the CSS in real time. The facility is not available in Divi’s build-in custom design, so you get additional control over designing your website.

Responsive Editing

Setting up a responsive site is not easy at all. Divi is one of the exceptions here. If you want to create a site with enough responsiveness, Divi enables the responsive editing feature to bring your website changes.

Hover State Styling

Divi has eye-catching hover options to bring various effects on your elements to make them interactive. The hover interface is unique to use, and you can do that with ease.

Shape Dividers

This feature helps you add custom shapes and effects to different pages of your website. You can certainly feel that extra bit of majestical feel when you use the shape divider.

It can be on the top and bottom of each section on your website. That allows you to bring some transition effects to your webpages.

Border Options

Divi’s border editor is very much robust to create rounded corners, unique effects. It also does the job of controlling sizes, colors, and styles of any border. For that, you just need to adjust the element edges individually.

Filters & Effects

A vast number of filters and effects are available in Divi to improve any element’s appearance on the site.

Hue, Brightness, Invert, Saturation, Blur, Contrast, Opacity, Sepia are some of the elements you can adjust for betterment.

Drop Shadows

Divi gives you total control over creating drop shadows. You can bring changes to the size, color, position as per your requirement.

Text Shadows

Divi has an option to create custom text shadows using simple presets.


Animations bring liveliness to the website pages. Divi has simple animations to add to the elements. Using Divi’s animation presets, you can customize the type, speed of your animations.

Multi-Select & Bulk Editing

Changing multiple elements is one of the fantastic features of Divi.

You can bring change in the styles and contents at the same time. Also, you can move them to different locations as a group.

Find & Replace Styles

Divi saves you valuable time by allowing you to bring instant changes instantly. You can use the find and replace feature to change color, fonts, or any other design value.

That will help you get changes in the entire document rather than investing time to change each element.

Magic Color Manager

Divi page builder has a customizable color pallet where they used advanced color theory. With the suggestion of plenty of colors, you can design your webpages nicely. 

Copy & Paste Styles

It can be exhausting to use design settings every time to bring even a small change. With Divi builder, you can copy an element’s entire design and shift it to another element.

Extendable Styles

A design style used on a particular section of a web page can change the whole web page’s look. So why not use it on the entire page? Divi gives you the style extension feature to move it to your desired location.

Divi Quick Actions

It is an ideal time saver feature of Divi builder. Ever found it hard to get how the builder works? Yes, the trouble is unbearable. Don’t worry. Just check out the videos and available Divi options. Also, use other advanced features to move to other areas of your site with a limited time.

Drag & Drop Uploading

Bringing a file on any page of your site is pretty much comfortable in Divi builder. Just drag and drop the files to your desired locations. If you want to import the entire Divi layout, you can even do that as well. The drag and drop page of your site is also possible with this feature.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Efficiency is the ultimate priority of the Divi builder. It has a package of keyboard shortcuts to accelerate your workflow.

A/B Testing Tool

Sometimes it is difficult to understand if your website customization preference goes nicely with your visitors or not. You may like a particular custom layout to install that on your site to impress your visitors. But that doesn’t mean it will have a significant impact on all of your visitors.

It can still happen that you prefer a particular layout for your website which might not look appealing to many visitors. 

So the best thing is to check the conversion rate of your design. You have the option to compare different designs to identify which one is most effective.

Divi builder lets you have this facility by adding the A/B testing tool. Using this tool, you can optimize the conversion of different contents and designs on your site by trying them out.

The Divi Leads feature allows you to create a variety of elements such as button, pricing table, and banner graphic. Then, you can check which finds the most positive response from the audiences.

The feature works as a split testing system to help you understand the best performing variant. If you plan to generate greater sales, Divi Leads feature is invaluable for you.

Divi Theme Builder

To design your website with a magnificent design, Divi Theme Builder is a perfect option. It builds your entire website within moments.

Divi Theme builder has several exclusive features. Here, we are giving a basic idea about some of the features of the Divi theme builder:

Header and Footer Builder

Creating a custom Header Footer is no more a hassling task when you use Divi theme builder. It has got so many modules and layouts to choose from.

Post & Product Template Builder

Post structure on the entire website is vital indeed. That’s why Divi’s theme builder comes with product templates and site-wide post to change the structure. The dynamic content system shows the modified design in the builder.

Custom User Role Setup

Divi has a Role Editor function to limit the usage capability of your client. If you don’t want them to get access to certain things, use this setup. As a result, they don’t get access to more advanced parts of the site, and the web design stays in control.

Easy Theme Setup

Theme setup in Divi is simple enough to complete within minutes. It comes with a vast number of themes, and their customization is possible as well. You can manage all the tasks from the Theme options panel.


Easy to Use

The user interface of Divi is very much simple, giving you an excellent user experience. You can easily set up your website by using the Divi theme builder. It is now a part of Divi 4 after the final update.

As we previously mentioned, the front-end change that you make every time in your website saves your time.

The drag-and-drop function is also beneficial but takes less effort to perform. So you don’t need to hassle to move elements of your site.

Despite having no coding knowledge, the Divi builder is easy to use. You have full access to design your webpage. Divi page builder gives you a code editor to add custom CSS styles to your site.

Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Divi theme serves the purpose of operating multiple functionalities. You can build any type of website due to its available layout options. A wide range of page layout and template options also come with the theme to finally prepare an attractive website. 

WooCommerce Integration

Building a WooCommerce site is challenging. But customizing it is far more challenging. But what’s the issue when you use Divi to integrate with WooCommerce? There are very few page builders that can seamlessly make integration with WooCommerce.

To give your e-commerce site a fully professional look, Divi uses the Divi builder for your online store, products, and other webpages.

You can also use the Divi page builder to create attractive landing pages to enhance your conversation rates. Eventually, that will help you boost your sales.

Excellent Customer Support

Divi never compromises with providing excellent customer support to the customers. They give a 24/7 live chat service all 365 days of a year. The support staffs are really fast and helpful in responding to your queries.

For further understanding, you can look at the documentation section, blog posts, and forum section.

30-day Money Back Guarantee

Divi builder understands that customers can have the choice to build their website as per their design. In case you don’t feel satisfied with the Divi theme or Divi builder, you can ask for a refund.

If you want to use third party plugins on the Divi WordPress theme but don’t find it compatible, don’t bother. Divi is ready to give you a refund if you want to switch to another theme.

Just send an email to them to initiate the refund process, and they will complete the rest of the work promptly. As Elegant Themes promises to enable the 30-day money back guarantee, you can get your money back.

Customization Freedom

Divi builder is full of customization facilities. With the most pleasing design, you possess the freedom to customize any element of your WordPress theme.

You just have to click the element that you want to customize, select, and it is done.

Elegant Themes adds detailed documentation with videos to understand the customization process of any element.

Access To Extra, Bloom, and Monarch

Divi is so resourceful that it doesn’t end up giving you features. After joining Elegant Themes, at first, you get Divi theme and Divi builder. The package also includes 87+ other themes with Extra, Bloom and Monarch. 


Extra comes with the Divi builder as an excellent WordPress magazine theme. For any news site, magazine, blog site, or web publication, the theme is simply perfect.

It allows the Drag and Drop builder feature to set your website as an ideal magazine site for the viewers.

Key Features:

  • Category builder
  • Page and post builder
  • Extra category module
  • 800+ pre-made layouts
  • Fully responsive
  • Project portfolio
  • Different header options
  • Advanced mega menus
  • Secondary & Footer Navigation
  • Fixed navigation
  • E-commerce integration
  • Perpetual updates


Bloom is an email opt-in plugin to build an email list quickly. It is also a lead generation plugin specially designed for WordPress. That gives you a remarkable scope to convert your visitors to followers at an impressive rate.

Key Features

  • Automatic opt-in pop-up
  • Automatic opt-in fly-ins
  • In-line, below content opt-in forms
  • Widget area opt-in forms
  • Email marketing integration
  • Image orientation options
  • Unlimited color options


Monarch is known as a social sharing plugin to help you conveniently grow social followers. It comes with more than 20 social networking options to display on your website.

Key Features:

  • Floating sidebar
  • Above and or below content
  • Automatic pop-ups
  • Automatic fly-ins
  • Variety of button shapes, colors, and hover effects
  • Display settings configuration
  • Data import/export system

The code design to make Divi is very much SEO-friendly. It has various built-in SEO features to make it useful for SEO. So even if you don’t install any third-party SEO plugin, you need not worry about integrating with SEO optimization of your site.


Divi builder is all-in-in an outstanding tool that you can choose among top-class page builders without hesitation. Still, it got some disadvantages as well.

Here, we are mentioning some of them in this Divi builder and Divi theme review article:


Divi doesn’t require any codes to build the website. For this reason, once you decide not to use Divi Builder, it can cause issues. In fact, you may face trouble to transfer the contents of your website.

Customization Overload

We already told you that Divi page builder comes with tons of features. Also, you can easily customize each of them. But the problem is such a large number of features and customization options will make you baffled for sure.

You might need time to find out the elements. Then again, it will take some time to customize them. So in some cases, the scenario can be disturbing for you.

Slowness due to endless elements

Well, it has to be obvious, right? Divi offers you so many elements. But sometimes, the website becomes slow to operate for having that number of elements.

That results in taking a longer period to load the webpages of your site. So it can be tedious for you sometimes to manage the website.

Learning Curve

Divi has a decent price rate, and many users love it for that reason. But as we said, it has hundreds of features, and sometimes it is challenging to master Divi.

So it takes time to understand everything about using Divi builder. Therefore, the learning curve of operating your website with Divi becomes a bit steep.


Is Divi worth buying?

Yes, we think so. Since Divi 4 was released, many users showed interest in using Divi for the additional theme builder feature, which was absent in previous versions.

Both the pricing plans seem reasonable to us. You have the option to use it for a year at an affordable price. If you like it, you can use it for a lifetime with unlimited features. In both cases, the price justifies the plans. So we consider Divi as a great value for money.

How much does Divi builder cost?

At first, you need to be a member of Elegant Themes to use Divi WordPress theme. Then, it gives you two different pricing plans: Yearly plan and Lifetime Plan.

Yearly Plan

The yearly plan comes with various facilities that you can enjoy with $89 cost only.

Key Features:

• Access To Divi, Extra, Bloom & Monarch

• Website Packs in plenty

• Regular Product Updates

• Premium Support

• Unlimited Website Usage

• Risk-Free Guarantee

Lifetime Access

The lifetime plan charges a one-time payable $249 that has varieties of features to enjoy for life.

Key Features:

• Access To Divi, Extra, Bloom & Monarch

• Website Packs in plenty

• Lifetime Update

• Lifetime Premium Support

• Unlimited Website Usage

• Risk-Free Guarantee

Is Divi builder a plugin?

Divi builder is a plugin that helps to build your page within a short period. It comes with the Divi package where you also get the Divi theme.

In Divi 4, you have both the Divi theme and the Divi page builder plugin in a single framework. The plugin enables you to move elements of the website pages.

How does Divi builder work?

The working principle of the Divi builder is slightly different than traditional page builders.

At first, log in to the admin area. You can find a left hand menu to help you look at everything about the WordPress theme. Then you can choose anything to edit.

There are a green button and a blue button side by side with the labels “Use Default Editor” and “Use Visual Builder” respectively, below the page title. Also, you can see a purple button labeled as “Use the Divi Builder.”

To edit a WordPress page, you need to be familiar with the interface. The live page contains columns of text or images. On the other hand, there are multiple sections with purple, blue, red, orange colors on the back-end. You can split the sections into rows. Also, the rows are splittable into columns.

You can also find modules on the page which can stay alongside rows, columns. To edit a module, simply click on the “burger” icon on the top right part.

To change the text module in Divi builder:

  1. Scroll down to find the content box.
  2. Edit your text as per your wish.
  3. Click the “SAVE & EXIT” button located on the lower right part when you finish editing the text.
  4. Click on the “UPDATE” button to save your change.

Image editing in Divi building is a bit tricky as compared to text editing. Start with a proper image size to get rid of further complexity.

Find out the ideal image size from the web designers and add it to the image module section. Then, click the burger icon available on the image module’s top left.

There is an “UPLOAD AN IMAGE” button to replace the image. Click on that and find your desired image from Media Library. You can also upload any image by using the “UPLOAD FILES” tab. Set the image and click “SAVE & EXIT.” Don’t forget to select the “UPDATE” button to bring the change.

Final Verdict

Now the question arises that do we recommend Divi builder to you, guys? Definitely yes. Who doesn’t want to have this amazing package of Elegant Themes to get both the Divi theme and page builder? 

Using the Divi is fruitful in so many aspects. As a multipurpose WordPress theme, you can operate plenty of functionalities with Divi.

The drag and drop feature of Divi can single-handedly blow your mind. Divi builder plugin is unique for its tons of features with whom you can design an excellent website. The interface is easy to use.

The page layouts of Divi are pre-made and abundant to give variety. Also, the addition of content modules is possible within moments.

On top of that, if we talk about the Divi theme, this Divi review article will get fulfillment for sure. As we did the Divi theme review of Elegant Themes, we found it as arguably one of the most popular WordPress themes for the users. It has a header and footer builder, template builder, and other excellent functions.

Despite having such options, Elegant Themes doesn’t hesitate to include the 30-day money back guarantee to ensure high quality user experience.

If you are still doubtful about our Divi review, you are welcomed to check out any review on the website of Elegant Themes. To create a new website to kickstart your journey, get the real deal of Divi theme and Divi builder today.

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