Elementor Review: Best WordPress Page Builder Plugin

Elementor review

Written by Next Stair

November 28, 2020

Building website pages is not everyone’s task. In every phase, you face challenges that are hard to overcome.

The customization options in traditional websites are not that versatile as well.

Here comes the importance of the page builders to make things easier.

When you need to build a website with multiple pages, obviously you have heard of Elemantor. There can be so many page builders available to use. But many users are very fond of this reputed page builder.

So now the question is what’s so special about Elementor? We know you looked here and there for an appropriate Elementor review. We understand your concern.

That’s why we will discuss in brief different aspects of Elemantor in this Elementor review article:


Elementor is a drag and drop page builder plugin that helps design a website by building web pages. Since the launch of Elementor in 2016. more than 5,000,000 users have used the builder to create their websites.

Elementor has plenty of features to design the full website. With a traditional WordPress page builder, you may have lots of limitations.

But Elementor will never run out of features to build your website. Moreover, if you upgrade your plan to Elementor pro, you can even have more advanced features to set up your website.


For a convenient way to build your website, Elementor has a wide range of features. Each of the features of Elementor is helpful to customize your website.

Elementor Interface

To use Elementor, understanding its interface is very important. Before you get started with Elementor, we are introducing you to the Elementor interface.

After launching Elementor on your site, you will find three different sections:

  • Control area
  • Elements
  • Settings

There are two different structural elements to build your website layout:

  • Position elements
  • Style elements

Then, you can also add elements to your website design. With the dragging and dropping feature, you can move any element anywhere. You are free to control your web elements. Just click on content and bring your desired changes.

Front End Page Builder

If you ever operated any website in the earlier days, you definitely had the experience of customizing your website from the back end.

The overall process is very complicated that you can’t guess how your website will look after making a change. There is where Elementor does an impressive job as a front end page builder.

What are the main benefits of it? First of all, you can see the instant changes that you are making on the site. As a result, for every single change, you can review your website getting changed.

With back end page builder, it would be tedious to bring changes and review what is going on. As a front end page builder, you get a real-time preview of your changes.

Drag and Drop Editor

Designing your website is fun when you use Elementor. It has the simplest and most intuitive drag and drop interface to move any element on the website. Using this feature, you can easily add new elements to customize your website. The changes take place instantly and so you can view every element live after editing.

Page Templates

Elementor is very generous in terms of providing a vast number of page templates. All page builders contain a significant number of templates.

But Elementor page builder comes with more than 300 templates to design your website. Each of the page templates is perfectly customized that goes with almost every website.


Alongside building pages by templates, you can also create smaller elements by blocks. Elementor has above 200 blocks that help you build testimonials about us, FAQs, portfolios, pricing tables, and many more.


Who doesn’t want to add new contents to the site? Elementor knows it very well. That’s why it comes with dozens of global widgets, for example text, images, maps, buttons, headlines, icons, and tabs.

According to your wish, you can add as many widgets as you want. With proper coding knowledge, you can even create custom widgets for your WordPress site.

When you operate a WordPress site, you can even add the native widgets of WordPress from the toolbar. The look and functionality will depend on what type of widget you are using to build your site.

Responsive Editing

Nowadays, most website visitors use mobile phones to roam on the internet. So it is essential to represent your site in a friendly way to the visitors.

So the mobile view of your site has to be simple and easy-going. To make the layout look perfect for mobile users, click the Desktop icon and select “Mobile” and “Tablet”.

Inline Text Editing

When you put texts on a newly designed website, you may find some difficulties. That’s why Elementor gives an inline text editing method to add new text with a single click. Just click on a page and start typing to edit your previously written text.

Popup Builder

Elementor page builder comes with 100+ stylish popup templates to design your website. They are vital to increasing the conversation rate and help you build an eye-grabbing website.

With Elementor’s build-in popup builder, you can also enjoy a much improved user experience from the website visitors.

There are a large number of popups that you can create on your webpages, such as email subscribers, announcements, countdown timer, consent forms, sales funnels, and many more.

Also, Elementor gives you the option to trigger the popup anywhere on your page. You can perform it both manually or automatically by using triggers, conditions, and advanced rules.

In case you want to show popups to visitors you made without using Elementor, you need to install and activate Elementor Pro.

The popups are also integrable with various email marketing tools like MailChimp, HubSpot, MailPoet, ConvertKit etc.

Theme Builder

To have complete control over your site, a theme builder is necessary. By owning a WordPress site, you can save a massive amount of time just by using Elementor’s WordPress theme builder.

It helps you to build all the essential parts of each webpage and maintain consistency all-around your site. As a result, it becomes easy to use your website and manage it swiftly.

To give an eye-catching visual representation, you can customize the header footer. Also, it gives you the freedom to build the main blog posts.

The theme builder simply takes you from one part of your site to the other. The drag and drop editor is also influential in designing your site. You can even set conditions to display the use of each part of your site.

If you are fond of dynamic webpages, Elementor theme builder is ready to serve you well. It can integrate with all WordPress themes.

Also, it has unlimited dynamic templates to create a fantastic structure for your site. With just a single click, you can apply the framework for your contents.

Key Features:

  • 20+ dynamic widgets
  • Pre-designed blocks
  • Multi-location
  • Sticky headers
  • Fully customizable
  • Responsive design
  • Custom fields integration

WordPress Builder Own

Elementor is currently one of the best WordPress page builders available. Many users have a variety of preferences in terms of choosing a website builder plugin for WordPress.

But Elementor is miles ahead of others to build your WordPress website most efficiently. But why is it so unique and favorite to WordPress users?

No doubt, its wide range of advanced features and simple management process make things easy to use for all. According to many, it is the best among all page builder plugins. Now let’s validate why many rate Elementor highly as a WordPress page builder.

Faster and Smoother

Firstly, you get what you want on your site: a fast and instant design reaction on your WordPress site. You can perform live edit on the front end to review the changes. So the website’s user interface becomes fun as you can instantly bring changes to your site.

Professional Features

Secondly, Elementor offers you a wide range of professional features to bring impactful changes to your WordPress website. With features like Box Shadows,

Hover Effects, Shape Dividers, Background Overlays, Headline Effects, and others, you can give your website an amazing look.

Pre made templates and blocks

With more than 100+ full-page templates, as a WordPress page builder, Elementor is unique. Besides, you get over 300 blocks that get combined into webpages easily.

Enormous Free Widgets

Using Elementor is enjoyable for the versatility of widget options. With 40+ widgets, you can show your design capabilities to build your WordPress site.

Some of the widgets worth mentioning in this WordPress page builder plugin are Heading, Image, Video, Icon, Counter, Tab etc.

WooCommerce Builder

Designing an online store website is not easy at all. Different customers have different choice of site layouts. Undoubtedly, it is challenging to design a site that fully satisfies almost everyone.

But don’t worry when you get Elementor by your side. Without any coding knowledge, you can design every product and online store page templates through the WooCommerce builder.

It has multiple options to customize your online store. Specifically, the “Add to Cart” button is there for the customers’ convenience to purchase any product.

Also, they can see the price of any product by the price tag feature. You can easily add the product image with a description so that customers can have a clear idea of how your products exactly look like.

The drag and drop feature is helpful to move your website elements in the quickest possible time. The product landing page will make the life of the customers easy.

So they will find it comfortable to browse your online store and purchase their desired products by dint of super fast landing pages. The page builder also has a customer review section to share their shopping experience.

However, the free version of Elementor WooCommerce builder has definite facilities. But with the pro version, you can explore far more features to help you increase your sales.

Customer Support

Elementor knows very well things can often get complicated when building your website with a page builder plugin. That’s why they keep the doors open for customers to contact in multiple ways.

Help Center

Elementor page builder has a help center section where you can read different documents to gather knowledge. Hence, you can find some related posts that you are actually looking for to resolve your issues.

FAQ Section

There is also a FAQ section on the Elementor site. Here, the most common questions that users ask are shown with the explanation. So if you have a similar problem to others, you can get the answer from the section.

Video Tutorials

There are plenty of video tutorials available to get a complete idea about Elementor. Many newbies can face difficulties in understanding the Elementor interface.

For their convenience, the Elementor website contains hundreds of video tutorials to make things easier.

24/7 Premium Support

If you fail to rectify your issues even after trying all these, you can ask for the premium support of Elementor. To enjoy this facility, you have to buy a ticket and they will note down your name, email, website details.

Within a short moment, someone from the Elementor team will contact you to solve your issue. However, to get access to this facility, you have to use the Elementor pro version.

Elementor Pro

The free version of Elementor is already full of so many design functions. Then just think about what Elementor pro can bring for you.

It introduces a new dimension of designing your website with limitless features. Alongside Elementor page builder, this Elementor review article will also give a basic idea about Elementor pro.

Key Features:

  • Global Widget
  • Custom Field Integration
  • 24/7 Premium Support
  • 200+ Pro templates
  • Sticky elements
  • Access to all updates
  • Live custom CSS
  • Role manager
  • Slides and Carousels
  • Custom fonts
  • Dynamic contents

Reasons to Choose Elementor Pro

Theme Customization

The free version of Elementor does the job of theme builder decently. But who doesn’t want something more? Sometimes it is not just about building your website with a theme, it is about designing the website precisely.

If you want to create a dynamic website, there is no better theme plugin other than Elementor pro to bring dynamism to your site.

People have different choices. So you may want to choose WordPress themes instead of using Elementor’s custom themes. Elementor Pro has no issue whatsoever to integrate with your choice of WordPress theme.

Elementor Pro gives you that golden opportunity to build your theme entirely with much more advanced features. The drag and drop feature is also here.

But with that, you also get blog post templates and the header footer. You get the freedom to customize the header footer to give them an ideal place on the website.

Key Features:

  • Header footer
  • Single blog post page
  • Archive page
  • 404 page
  • Search results page
Endless Elementor Pro Templates

Elementor free version comes with a certain number of pre-made templates. But when you upgrade to Elementor Pro, you will never find it insufficient to design your website.

You just get more and more exclusive Elementor pro templates by unlocking the pro version. Without any doubt, all the pro templates are of high class that you can put on your website to give it a wonderful look.

Currently, there are more than 100 Elementor pro templates in the Elementor Pro version.

Abundant Widgets

Elementor Pro has more than 30 widgets to create various essential sections of your webpages. Along with social media widgets, it also gives you single post, marketing, and conversion tool widgets.

All of them are premium widgets to design your site beautifully.

Key Features:

  • Contact forms
  • Social media buttons
  • Price list
  • Pricing tables
  • Countdown timers
  • Grid blog posts
  • Media carousel
  • WooCommerce features
Visual Form Builder

It is no surprise that adding an interactive form to allow the customers to contact you is crucial. So Elementor Pro comes with a visual form builder to design attractive forms that are integrable with widely used marketing tools.

There are some advanced form fields. And, you have the option of spam filter and protection as well.

Post and Portfolio

We all know it is troub create a portfolio on a site. Don’t bother when you use the Elementor Pro version. It lets you create a complete portfolio with card skins.

With plenty of styles and layout options, you can design your portfolio exactly like you want it to be. Elementor Pro also has an advanced post filtering option to modify the design anytime.

As a result, you can showcase your works through your portfolio to the visitors.

ECommerce Integration

Building an online e-commerce store with an excellent user interface is a dream of many marketers. Elementor pro can fulfill your dream through its superb e-commerce builder.

There is hardly any better choice than this if you want to build a customized online store with many features.

You can customize every single product and category to your webpages. Additionally, Elementor Pro has 18 dynamic WooCommerce widgets to give your website much more flexibility to operate.

Motion Effect

Static websites are no more in vogue. Visitors want to see the dynamism on websites nowadays. In that case, the use of motion effect is very significant to bring life to your site.

Elementor Pro provides you various motion effects if you want to create a dynamic website.

Key Features:

  •      Parallax scrolling
  •      Horizontal & Vertical Scrolling
  •      3D Tilt
  •      Rotate, Transparency, Blur & Scale
  •      Mouse Track
Global Widgets

Finishing the Elementor Pro review will be pointless if we don’t mention global widgets’ availability in this version. Sometimes you might require reusing the similar element on different pages.

Suppose you want to use the contact form on every single page of your site. In that case, global widgets will allow you to add them to each page. So you don’t have to add a new section every time while using Elementor Pro.

Third Party Extension

Elementor knows very well what developers can do with the page builder. That’s why the Elementor team gives the developers enough freedom to work with Elementor through different extensions.

Among them, there are some free add-ons to use on the site. Also, you can use third party themes and templates as per your preference in Elementor Pro.

Elementor Pricing

Elementor Pro version has three different packages. Each package has various facilities based on their price range.


The most amateur plan is Personal that you can purchase for $48 in a year. You can use it for a single site.

Key Features:

  • 50+ Pro Widgets
  • 10+ Website Template Kits
  • 300+ Pro Templates
  • Theme, Popup, and Form Builder
  • WooCommerce Builder
  • 1 year support
  • 1 year update

The next package name is Plus that is usable for 3 different sites. With 10% off, the plan is purchasable now for only $88 for a year.

Key Features:

  •  50+ Pro Widgets
  • 10+ Website Template Kits
  •  300+ Pro Templates
  •  Theme, Popup, and Form Builder
  •   WooCommerce Builder
  •   1 year Support for 1 Year
  •   1 Year Update

The most advanced package of Elementor Pro is Expert. If you need a page builder to design a massive number of websites, it is the perfect plan for you within an affordable budget.

Spending only $149 for a year, you can build 1000 sites with this plan which is impressive indeed.

Key Features:

  • 50+ Pro Widgets
  • 10+ Website Template Kits
  • 300+ Pro Templates
  • Theme, Popup, and Form Builder
  • WooCommerce Builder
  • 1 year Support
  • 1 year Update


What’s the difference between Elementor free version and Elementor Pro?

The free version of Elementor is popular for various excellent features. But since the introduction of Elementor Pro, it has served the purpose of many users beyond their expectations. But what are the features that differentiate them from one another? We are going to review their differences here.

Which is better among Elementor builder and Divi builder?

Divi and Elementor are two of the renowned page builder plugins. While choosing the best one for your website, you may fall into confusion among these two page builders. In this Elementor review article, we will try to compare them, discussing different features.

User Interface

Both Divi and Elementor page builders come with front-end interfaces where you get the dragging and dropping option to move elements.

The elements are on the right side of the page outlets to select them. Then, you can rearrange them to appear nicely as per your choice.

In Elementor page builder, the elements are on the left side. So you get an empty canvas looking layout. Divi will be ahead of Elementor in terms of having extra elements in the Divi package’s additional modules.

Content Modules

A vast number of content modules are available in both page builders to enhance your website look.

Regarding Divi, you get tons of free modules such as columns, heading, image, video, and many more.

Similar to Divi, Elementor also has some exclusive content modules to design your website.

Unfortunately, some of the exclusive modules are missing in the free version. Thereforce, you can enjoy tAfter upgrading to the Pro version, you can enjoy those.

Ease of Use

Divi package comes with the combination of Divi page builder and Divi theme. As a result, you basically get a two in one package.

The theme coincides with the page builder nicely. Also, to design your WordPress website, you can use the WordPress theme of your preference to integrate with the Divi page builder.

On the other hand, Elementor is growing as a page builder day by day for having an intuitive interface. The reason is simple. WordPress website users find Elementor the most suitable option to build their websites.

Shortcode Functionality

If you are interested in using shortcodes for your website, Divi provides you the best possible function.

Divi contains a shortcode library that helps to display any template with a shortcode. So you can text anywhere you want. Any web developer would like to try Divi for this feature. But during a site migration, you have to leave all the shortcodes behind. 

Elementor doesn’t contain any shortcode library similar to Divi. However, with third party plugins, Elementor allows using a widget for shortcode use.


Discussing the speed and performance is vital when you do a page builder review. We all know Divi comes with a large number of features.

So once you start looking for an element, it might take a bit of time to find that. So in most cases, the situation turns hectic for you. That’s why many users say understanding Divi is hard. Often the webpages require time to load for containing excessive elements.

But Elementor shows an impressive performance by providing a speedy and quick response time always. You will never find the website lagging and failing to load when you use Elementor.

While preparing this Elementor review article, we checked out how the review section of Elementor looks. And guess what? We found so many positive reviews from users.

Customer Support

Divi comes with both live online chat and email support, whereas Elementor only has email support in the Elementor Pro version.


The pricing of Divi starts at $49 per year for unlimited websites. With the lifetime access and update facility, you have to spend $249 for the most upgraded plan.

On the other hand, Elementor pricing starts from $49 to $149 in a year.

What are the payment options of Elementor?

The payment options in the Elementor plan are very versatile. At first, choose a Pro version plan that you prefer. Then click on “Checkout”.

You can choose either Paypal or Credit Card. Any of MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Visa is acceptable while paying for Elementor Pro to use it.

Final Thought

Now we have come to the end of the Elementor review, so do we recommend the Elementor page builder to you? Yes, we do. Arguably, among so many page builders on the market, Elementor is one of the best.

Once you learn using Elementor, you can simply create magic with the page builder. The page builder interface is easy to use. It can be an ideal option if you opt to use it as a WordPress page builder.

It can work nicely with any WordPress theme to design the entire site. Many users prefer it as a reliable page builder plugin for WordPress for its capability to go with WordPress themes.

Creating a landing page of your online store is a task of moments when you use Elementor. With an outstanding WooCommerce integration capability, you can create landing pages right away.

As a page builder plugin, it has everything that you need to design an attractive site. Abundant pre-made templates, text editing options, widgets – everything is in plenty in Elementor. As a web developer, you are free to create custom designs as well in Elementor.

However, to get access to various upgraded features, you need to use Elementor Pro. To use Elementor for building an advanced-level website, we advise you to purchase an Elementor Pro package.

Since they first launched the pro version, it has become one of the top class page builders for all users. To believe that, just have a check on any Elementor review on any blog site and you will get the answer.

That’s all from us in this Elementor review. If you still doubt both the Elementor free version and Elementor Pro, let us know in the comment section. We will try from our side to respond to you.

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