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namecheap review

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November 24, 2020

Namecheap is one of the most renowned companies for web management and domain registration service. But the company also has an immense reputation for providing a high quality hosting service.

In this review article, we will briefly analyze different aspects of Namecheap as a web host company.

Main Services

Domain Registration

One of the primary services of Namecheap is domain registration. You can register over 400 extensions from them. Such a vast number of extension facilities makes it an ideal platform to register your domain.

They offer a domain name generator named “beast mode” by which you can create some unique domain names for your website. Also, they give you some focus keywords to choose a perfect domain name from some relatable ones.

Domain Transfer

Namecheap also provides a domain transfer facility for the users. The overall process is straightforward and you can complete it in three steps only.

At first, you have to check if your domain fulfills all their requirements. Then, you need to prepare your authorization code and follow their instructions.

Finally, put your domain into the card and initiate the further process by payment. The domain transfer can take approximately 30 minutes to 6 days.

Website Builder

Building your website can be very easy once you choose any of Namecheap’s shared hosting plans. With the website builder tool, you can design various web elements of your site.

They provide 200+ templates to choose a design that goes with your business website. Also, you have the freedom to move any text or image in any place on your website.

You can even import your current website through the tool if you want. It has plenty of elements that eventually make the web design very responsive.

Based on what shared hosting plan you choose, you can use the tool for multiple websites. In Stellar Plus and Stellar Business, you can build unlimited websites. However, in Stellar, you can create three websites.

Hosting Site

Apart from being a domain registrar, Namecheap is also reputed for hosting sites of innumerable users worldwide. They have different plans with different price rates to make them convenient for all. We will review them in brief later.

Logo Maker

Namecheap offers you to create your own logo. Via logo generator, you can have a logo for free. Firstly, choose a logo design with your preference.

Then, search for your favorite icon and select that. In the end, with no payment or email capture, you can get your logo free of cost.



cPanel is an essential part of managing your account. As a web hosting company, Namecheap gives you a control panel with a smooth user interface.

For this reason, you can easily create email accounts, upload necessary files, evaluate website statistics, and many more. In the Welcome Email, you can find the details of your control panel login.


Namecheap comes with attractive mail plans for the customers. The storage limit varies on the plans that start from 3GB to 10 GB.

All plans have anti-spam software as well as a decent user interface. They include various email plans for your ease of use. For your convenience, they give the freedom to create email accounts with no limits.

Also, you can get automated replies and other exclusive features from this feature. Overall, you get to maintain a perfect profile to manage any project.


Namecheap manages an excellent database to manage the projects properly. When you take a basic plan of them, you can get the opportunity to create 50 MySQL databases.

Moreover, they provide you with an unlimited amount of databases when you upgrade your plans.


Namecheap is well-aware of the importance of applications to develop any project. That’s why they offer various applications that you can manage easily. Some of them are East WP, VPN service, G Suite, Webpage creator etc. 

With Easy WP, you can install WordPress on your site and configure it according to your requirements. Then, you can surf as anonymous without any hesitation through their VPN service.

For organized work with the necessary Google tools, you can use their G Suite. And, the Webpage creator works as a drag and drop feature to help you create webpages.

Dedicated IP Address

Namecheap hosting comes with a dedicated IP address for the users. To order it, submit a ticket to Namecheap’s billing/sales department.

Once the payment gets processed, their technician will enable an IP address to your package. Currently, an IP address costs $2 a month.

Hosting Plans

Namecheap offers multiple hosting plans for users. We are going to review each of them one by one:

Shared Hosting

The most popular plan of Namecheap is shared hosting. The plan is beneficial to all types of customers in various aspects. Here, multiple websites remain on a single server.

The website owners receive a specific section of each server where they can keep website files. Namecheap hosts Solid State Drives (SSD) plans instead of Hard disk drives to achieve much better performance overall.

The cost is relatively low in such a plan. So many users prefer shared hosting instead of others.

Key Features:

  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Free website builder facility
  • Domain name registration
  • Top-level privacy protection
  • Free automatic SSL installation
  • Personalized email service
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Namecheap comes with three different shared hosting plans: Stellar, Stellar Plus, and Stellar Business.


The Stellar plan starts with $1.58 per month, where you have to pay $18.44 in total for a year. Also, you get one domain name, three websites, and 20GB disk space.

Stellar Plus

The next plan is Stellar Plus, which costs $2.88 per month. In total, you have to pay $31.84 yearly. You get unlimited websites, unmetered SSD, and an auto-backup facility in addition to one domain name.

Stellar Business

The most upgraded one among all three shared hosting plans is Stellar Business, for which you have to spend $4.80 per month. The overall cost is $57.88 in a year.

This plan’s other features include one domain name, 50 GB SSD, auto backup with cloud storage facility, and unlimited websites.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is another well-known web hosting plan of Namecheap. Here, you can be a reseller by purchasing the resources of a hosting provider wholesale.

Then, you can resell them to any client to earn a profit. This plan is suitable for any web developer or web hosting entrepreneur.

Firstly, you have to choose a plan to get through your cPanel access to use the Web Host Manager (WHM) program. Here, you have the option to create your reseller account and operate your reselling functions.

Key Features:

  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Free cPanel access
  • WHM and WHMCS management
  • 30-day-money back guarantee
  • State-of-the-art technology

Similar to Shared hosting, reseller hosting has three different plans as well. All the plans are very flexible, and they come with a variety of resources and price ranges for all types of users.


The first plan is Nebula, costing $18.88 per month. You can have 25 cPanel accounts and 30 GB of disk space in the plan.

Galaxy Expert

Then comes the Galaxy expert plan with a monthly cost of $32.88. As it is an upgraded version of Nebula, Namecheap allows you to have 100 cPanel accounts and 90 GB of the storage facility.

Universe Pro

Universe Pro is undoubtedly different from the last two plans for having overall high level features. It comes with 200 cPanel accounts and a massive 150 GB disk space.

Also, they give you a WHMCS starter in Universe Pro, which is absent in the other two plans. The plan costs $48.88 in a month.

VPS Hosting

In the Virtual Private Server (VPS), there is an option for partitioning any physical server into several ones. Because of running its own Operating system, VPS has resources from one physical server specifically to remain isolated. Also, you can reboot them whenever in need.

While choosing VPS hosting, it is crucial to have some basic knowledge of server management. However, Namecheap will make your life easier by setting things up for you.

But if you are interested in taking the responsibilities by yourself, you can look at Namecheap’s Knowledge article. Significantly, the VPS section will help you understand each step of setting your site through the server.

Key Features:

  • Preferable server management
  • Full root access
  • Operating System (OS) selection freedom
  • High class security standards
  • Free website transfer
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Unlike shared and reseller web hosting, VPS hosting has two plans: Pulsar and Quasar.


The Pulsar plan comes with 2 CPU Cores, 2 GB RAM, 40 GB SSD RAID 10, and 1000 GB Bandwidth. Since Namecheap is giving away some discounts in the first month, you can get it for $9.88 per month.


The next one is Quasar, where you get everything in more amounts. It gives you 4 CPU Cores, 6 GB RAM, 120 GB SSD RAID 10, and 3000 GB Bandwidth. Quasar costs $15.88 in a month.

WordPress Hosting

When it comes to WordPress hosting with a flexible price range, there is hardly any competitor to Namecheap. Each of their plans to host sites via WordPress is very cost-efficient, including quality service.

Moreover, with their one-click installation feature, you can get your website live within minutes. With their exclusive cloud technology, you can smartly host your website.

Most importantly, the identical infrastructure will play a vital role in developing your WordPress at a significant rate.

With plenty of themes and plugins, you can always customize your website to represent it persuasive to the visitors. Even if it doesn’t come with cPanel, they have a customized dashboard to manage everything regarding your WordPress website.

Key Features:

• Quick installation

• High uptime

• Fast and smooth user interface

• Own domain name preference

• Easy-to-use dashboard

• Private email option

• Backups and restoration facility

• SFTP and database access

Namecheap’s WordPress hosting also has three different plans.

EasyWP Starter

Let’s start with EasyWP Starter, which is the cheapest ever plan of all. Undoubtedly, hosting at only $3.88 per month is impressive. It gives you 10 GB SSD storage, and you can allow the entrance of 50k visitors per month on your website.

EasyWP Turbo

To grow your website with WordPress, EasyWP Turbo is an ideal plan. With a $7.88 per month cost, you get 50 GB SSD storage. 200k people in a month can comfortably visit your website.

The CPU and RAM are 1.5x times efficient, and you get free SSL in it. As per Namecheap, they will add free CDN to EasyWP Turbo in the future.

EasyWP Supersonic

The most advanced plan for WordPress is EasyWP Supersonic. It is slightly costlier than the earlier ones, $11.88 per month. But you get some remarkable features in it for sure.

Your files can comfortably fit in its massive 100 GB SSD space. About 500k visitors can enter your site without any issue. With 2x more CPU and RAM power, you get a top-level web hosting performance. In addition to a free SSL, Namecheap will add free CDN to it soon.

Dedicated Server

If you are very comfortable with managing servers with root access, a dedicated server can be the perfect option for you. In this plan, you can keep all the resources as a single user.

Obviously, you wouldn’t want to share your server with anyone else to manage high traffic on a website. In this case, this server assures you of smooth content streaming, podcasting, and other facilities.

Namecheap offers unlimited websites to host on a dedicated server. Even if you use any other hosting service from Namecheap, you can upgrade your plan by moving to this one.

Key Features:

  • Easy setup
  • High uptime guarantee
  • Free website migration
  • Server level choice
  • Three server management options
  • Compact security
  • Optimized network

Like most others, this one has three different parts.

Xeon E3-1240 v3

With the cost of $41.88 per month, Xeon E3-1240 v3 gives you four cores @ 3.4 GHz, 8 GB DDR3, and 300 GB SSD storage.

Xeon E-2234

The next one is Xeon E-2234, where you can get four cores @ 3.4 GHz, 16 GB DDR4, 480 GB SSD storage. This plan will cost $56.88 in a month.

Dual Xeon E5-2620 v2

The most upgraded one is Dual Xeon E5-2620 v2. It gives you Dual 6 cores @ 2.1 GHz, 32 GB DDR3, 2 x 1 TB HDD space at the cost of $88.88 per month.


As a web hosting platform, Namecheap has a lot of advantageous sides. We are going to discuss them here.

Excellent Starting Plans

Namecheap deserves a round of applause for offering cost-efficient starting plans. The price of their plans is a reflection of their thoughts about all types of users.

When you take EasyWP starter to manage your WordPress site, you just have to spend $3.88 per month. That sounds really amazing considering the excellent hosting service they provide.

Impressive Uptime

Having a high uptime is undoubtedly a prime nature of the top hosting service providers.

Namecheap is no exception. Whatever plan you receive from them, they always provide excellent uptime for ease of use. In VPS and reseller accounts, they guarantee a stunning 99.99% uptime for the users. 

On the other hand, they promise to give 100% uptime for business, dedicated servers, and shared accounts.

If any breakdown or equipment failure takes place, they are ready to refund as per their policy. Within ten calendar days of the downtime, you can ask for a refund from Namecheap.

Free Migration

If you find website migration a hassling work, you can rely on Namecheap to initiate the process. They offer the service for free.

If you want to move your existing cPanel to Namecheap, your involvement doesn’t require that much. The only thing to do is providing your cPanel to Namecheap, and they will do the rest.

Once you are not satisfied with the site migration after taking a plan for a year, you can enjoy free hosting for an entire year.

Fair Price Range

Unlike other famous hosting companies, Namecheap is an ideal pick for users who look for a cheap option. They don’t have any hidden charge issue.

Besides, the price range is pretty reasonable. If you want to go for a short term investment, you can opt for smaller plans with minimal facilities. 

However, if your business is big enough, you can choose any of their upgraded plans. Still, you will find plans at competitive prices as compared to other hosting providers.

Free SSL Certificates

In any Namecheap hosting review, you obviously look for the info if they give free SSL certificates before choosing them. Yes, they do. In fact, they give it to install in four simple steps.

By installing it, your website visitors can have an encrypted connection. Also, there will be a protected link between the browser and the webserver. It will keep the passing data secured and safe.

Top Customer Service

Customer service has always been the priority of Namecheap. Managing a site is not easy at all. You can have issues in different phases of operating your own site.

At that moment, expecting quality customer support from the hosting company is your right. Namecheap feels the necessity of that entirely. So they provide you with multiple options to take help from any support member.

Live Chat

A problem can arise at any time. What to do if it is an emergency? Don’t worry when you are with Namecheap. They have a 24-hour customer support team with a quick response time.

So whenever you need help from any support team, you can have your inquiry through the live chat.


What if you don’t find the live chat option helpful? There is an alternative option too. Simply send an email to Namecheap. And, you can expect to get a response from them within two hours.


Namecheap also extends their helping hands to the users if they can’t reach for help via live chat or email. Then, anyone can buy tickets and ask for help from a Namecheap support team member.

Social Media

You can even drop out your question through a message in their social media platforms alongside these two. Namecheap support team is very cooperative, and you can seek help from them any time.

Low Renewal Price

Many web hosting companies charge relatively high as compared to the starter plans. But Namecheap offers a very affordable renewal price range for users of all classes.

Versatile Payment Options

In terms of paying for plans, Namecheap accepts a wide range of options. Mainly you can pay via MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

Currently, they are allowing Paypal, Bitcoin, and Bitcoin cash payments. So you can choose the payment system according to your preference.


Is Namecheap hosting good?

Alongside being a domain registrar, Namecheap has been a reputed company for providing excellent web hosting service to customers.

All of their yearly plans are reasonable indeed. Also, you can have a vast number of hosting plans to choose from. The customer support is also outstanding to have an impression on the users.

So all-in-all, Namecheap is surely a good hosting company.

Which is better? GoDaddy or NameCheap?

Both are world class web hosting companies that everyone knows for a long time. But what is better in all aspects? In this Namecheap review article, let’s have a comparison between these two :

Domain registration

Registering a domain can be exhausting and costly at the same time. But if you choose Namecheap, at least you need not worry about the pricing.

Both their starting and renewal plans are cheaper than GoDaddy. Also, they include free WhoisGuard and free custom nameservers for the protection of your personal information.

So Namecheap is the winner here.


When you talk about providing features, it is vital to understand your feature preferences. In the following chart, we are having a feature comparison between them:

Feature GoDaddyNamecheap
Storage space100 GB to unlimited20 GB to unlimited
Money-back guarantee30 days30 days
Domain nameFree for one yearFree for a year including free extensions
Automatic backupsNo backup optionBackup initiation twice in a week
Free SSL certificatesAvailable only on upgraded plansAvailable in almost all plans
Free Site migrationNo free migration optionSite migration for free
Email accountsOne free Microsoft account for a year30 to unlimited email addresses, varying on plans
One-click installation YesYes

Namecheap is again the winner here in the feature section.


When you talk about web hosting performance, you need to evaluate the uptime of each provider. Namecheap claims to have either 99.9% or 100% uptime, varying on the plans.

But while looking at different Namecheap hosting reviews, we understood their claim is a bit misleading. Sometimes their uptime goes beyond their promised limit.

Even though they refund for that downtime, such an issue will never occur when you choose GoDaddy. They have been superb in terms of maintaining a consistent uptime.

So GoDaddy is the winner here.

Customer Support

Getting support from the staff is very important for users having relatively less site management knowledge. 

Unfortunately, GoDaddy focuses less on customer support. Often their response time is a bit disappointing, and their live chat option often doesn’t work.

On the other hand, Namecheap always keeps promise by providing a constant customer support facility.

So Namecheap outperforms GoDaddy here.

Is Namecheap a Russian company?

Namecheap is a US-based domain registrar and web hosting company, founded in 2000 by its CEO Richard Kirkendall. For the last two decades, Namecheap has been the name of reliability to millions of users worldwide.

Namecheap’s mission is to provide different types of plans with various features at an affordable price range to serve customers with satisfaction.

Who is the best website host?

The performance of hosting a site varies on so many terms. It depends on what basis you are selecting one as the best website host.

In terms of top class customer service, Siteground is unbeatable.

When you talk about a fast and smooth hosting experience, A2 hosting is the best.

Namecheap hosting is the winner when you choose the best platform, considering the affordable plans they have.

Bluehost is the ultimate winner and arguably the best choice for a beginner with everything under control.

Final Thought

Any hosting review contains both pros and cons of a service provider company. Surprisingly, Namecheap is overall such a complete package that you simply can’t stop admiring them. That’s why we hardly found any flaws in this hosting review.

Namecheap offers a wide range of features and facilities for almost all from domain registration to customer support. Website hosting has been simple and easy by dint of Namecheap’s user-friendly interface.

Though some can find negative Namecheap reviews, we consider them as exceptional cases. They give plenty of hosting options with decent enough price ranges.

Anyone who has managed a WordPress site via Namecheap hosting knows the service they provide with no compromise for quality.

Users who have a limited budget can pick Namecheap, keeping their eyes closed. No web hosts give such cheap rates in plans like Namecheap. 

Their uptime guarantee can also assure you why they have been so reliable among some reputed hosting providers. So without further hesitation, you can decide to go with Namecheap.

And, operate your site by enjoying any of the attractive plans of Namecheap.

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