NameSilo Review: Cheapest Domain Registrar

Namesilo Review

Written by Next Stair

November 17, 2020

Domain registration is an integral part of setting up a website. So many companies all over the world work as domain registrars to provide domain names to the customers.

If you mention some of the renowned web hosting companies, NameSilo will be on the top of the list. What makes it such an authentic and popular service provider? In this NameSilo review article, we will discuss in detail about it. 


NameSilo is one of the cheapest domain registry sites available in the web hosting marketplace. By dint of its quality customer service, it is currently managing more than 3 million domains.

From domain name set up to domain privacy management, it offers all the main features you can expect from a domain registrar. 

They have three different hosting plans, which are very much cost-efficient. Therefore, those who run small businesses can find its service affordable. 

NameSilo Features

NameSilo comes with a wide range of exclusive features. We will focus on them one by one:

User Interface

The user interface of the hosting manager is decent enough. In earlier days, if you had a look at their interface and console, you might find it a website of the mid-2000s.

But at present, it has given the interface a new look, which is very much explicit. Yet, the console is not user friendly to attract visitors to come back again to the site. 

Domain Name Registration

One of the primary services of NameSilo is the registration of a domain name. Because of being an ICANN accredited registrar, it is a reliable domain registration platform. Also, it gives a vast number of extensions to choose from to register your domain. 

Domain Transfer

NameSilo provides the automated domain transfer facility to the users. The price to complete the process is meager, and you can finish it with three steps only.

Once your domain fulfills the basic requirements of NameSilo to transfer your domain, you can ask for starting the process.

Through Transfer Manager, it makes the overall process user-friendly by continuously informing the status of any transfer request.  

As they say, you can expect the completion of the process in 5-7 days only. 

Website Troubleshooter and knowledgebase

NameSilo gives a website troubleshooter tool to rectify the solutions to your website issues.  

Hosting Plans

In many cases, you might find companies offering cheap web hosting plans with a minimal quality. That’s why they offer three different plans with a reasonable price range.

Whether you run a small business or a large company, you can choose a NameSilo plan as per your own requirement. 

Starter Plan

The first one is known as the Starter plan that costs $2.99 a month. It has 20GB web storage and you can register for the domain of a website. You also get the facilities of cPanel, Simple WordPress installation and website building. 

Premium Plan

The next one is a Premium plan that charges $4.99/month. Instead of 1 website, you hold the right to complete domain registration of 3 websites in this plan. All other features are similar to the previous plan.

Turbo Plan

The final plan is Turbo which is suitable for those who run large businesses in most cases. You can have 60 GB of web space in this plan. Also, 10 website registration is allowed in Turbo plan. The others are the same as prior plans. 

Key Features

  • Integrated calendar and contacts
  • Built-in video calling
  • Email forwarding, vacation responder, filter rules
  • Native desktop and mobile apps
  • Advanced search
  • Advanced anti-spam
  • 99.9% guaranteed uptime
  • Easy-to-use UI


Competitive Pricing

When you take a glimpse at all the NameSilo plans’ pricing, you will find its price list extremely cheap. As compared to many domain registrar companies, it  don’t misgmuide you with their competitive rates.

Some of their competitors can attract you with low prices but add hidden charges to their plans later. You can trust NameSilo in this case.

All the plans that they provide don’t have any additional hidden fees. So you can register your new domain with NameSilo with utmost comfort. 

Excellent Security System

NameSilo has an excellent reputation for having a unique security system. They provide top-notch security service in two different ways, like WHOIS privacy and SSL certificate.

SSL Certificate 

SSL (Security Sockets Layer) plays a vital role in building an encrypted link. The idea is to keep all the data that pass between the webserver and the browser always private.

The importance of the certificate is unimaginable in many aspects. It can help you improve your Google rankings. Also, the visitors will find your service trustworthy once you have an SSL certificate. 

That’s why NameSilo enables an SSL certificate to secure your site from any intruder or identity theft issue. 

WHOIS Privacy

NameSilo has done a great job by protecting your site from scammers with WHOIS privacy. Hackers target WHOIS mostly to snatch vital information such as email addresses, phone numbers.

Hence, NameSilo offers free WHOIS privacy protection to all the users who hold the domains of them. 

Complying with ICANN, NameSilo partners with to protect your site at a top-level.


No Domain Management Guideline

When you complete the domain registration process, the next step is to set up your domain on the website. The process is easy for some people but it can be difficult for others as well. Hence, a tutorial or an outline can guide you properly to figure out the overall process. 

Unfortunately, NameSilo doesn’t come up with such a guideline to help you understand the procedure. So it takes hours to figure out how to ensure the proper domain management if you don’t have any prior experience regarding this issue. 

Poor Customer Support

Providing excellent service is crucial to winning the hearts of millions of users. But NameSilo is slightly reluctant to offer outstanding customer service incessantly. Once you log in through your NameSilo account, you can get support from their staff in two different ways.

Firstly, it has a live chat option to contact any NameSilo representative to discuss your problems. They are not that much helpful similar to other popular domain registrars.

Sometimes, you may find any of their representatives never online for chat. In some cases, you might find yourself begging for help from them.

It takes way too long to get responses from any NameSilo staff mostly. Even in the middle of the day, no response can come to you, which is disappointing indeed. 

Also, there is an email support option to connect with one of them to solve your issue. Help in email takes a long period too from them. As a NameSilo customer, you will find very few reasons to be happy about their customer service. 

No Uptime Data Record

Most of the web hosting companies claim to provide 99% uptime to the users. However, NameSilo never said anything about their recorded uptime.

So you have no clue whatsoever how good their uptime is. A statistical data of their uptime would come in handy for the customers to rely on their service. 

No Complementary Products

While setting up a website, everyone wants to get all the services from a single platform. But unfortunately, you can’t get it from NameSilo.

They provide web hosting support anyhow. Still, they don’t act as website builders or e-commerce site management companies. 

So if you would like to have all the services under the same shade, stay away from NameSilo for your betterment.


Is NameSilo legit?

The question is a bit surprising but not totally out of the box. Once, it used to have an inferior user interface. Anyone would find them a scam website seeing their website design.

But in recent years, they have made some significant improvements in web design. Also, they have a successful track record of providing service to millions of users worldwide. That proves you do not worry about NameSilo being legit. 

Which is the best domain to buy? 

There are several popular domain registrars worldwide, for example,, Bluehost, NameCheap, NameSilo, Google Domains, Hover etc. 

Among all of these, is the best one available. There are plenty of reasons for considering it the superior above all.

Firstly, it is very straightforward and easy to use. The  system of transferring domain is convenient, and you can allow transferring multiple domains too.

In addition, its customer support is impressive indeed. It also gives a coupon code as a part of their discount program. With that coupon, you can have a 25% discount. 

Where is NameSilo located?

In Phoenix, Michael McCallister and Michael Goldfarb launched NameSilo in October 2009. Their main idea was to provide a low-cost domain registration and management service to the users. 

ofThe headquarter of the company is currently in Phoenix, Arizona. NameSilo Technologies Corp. is the current owner of it.

Final Thoughts

If you see the NameSilo reviews on any website, you might find mixed feelings about their service. We also experienced the same thing.

We took it as a common scenario in a domain registrar company that provides limited services with quality assurance. You may not tell them the best domain registrar company available now. But arguably, they are one of the reliable domain registration companies now for sure. 

Maintaining the domain privacy of the customers is not an easy task at all. NameSilo is successfully managing that with free WHOIS privacy and SSL certificate. So if you have a NameSilo domain, you can finally relax with one of the best domain registrars in security service. 

We know NameSilo still has a lot of areas to improve to reach the top level. Therefore, in this NameSilo review, we tried to briefly review NameSilo so that customers can choose if they want to prefer this domain registrar platform or not.

But with all the resources they have, we can expect to see them going beyond everyone’s expectations one day. If you are in search of a reasonable hosting plan, get ready to start your online journey with NameSilo.

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